• The Nine United Family

    Nine United is a privately held family of companies. The Nine United family covers a range of different areas; design, architecture, inventory, branding, garment accessories, window decoration, CSR and sustainable development projects.

    In our everyday work, we aim to dream big and act humble, which is reflected in our approach to every new project.

    Welcome to Nine United.




    The story of Nine United began in 1975, in a small town called Ringkoebing on the western coast of Jutland when Troels Holch Povlsen founded the Danish clothing company BESTSELLER.

    As BESTSELLER grew, new areas were explored and new business opportunities started developing. The Nine United family began to take shape in the early 2000s and is still growing every day. The family blood and values still run through both BESTSELLER and Nine United, and this shared legacy is an important part of the Nine United history and spirit.




Working together
and creating a good working environment
is an important part of our life.
We need to remind each other to value
and cherish a good workplace.

The Nine United Family



It all begins with people

  • Results can only be made by people who care

    We can tell much about people’s attitude from the little things. We can train people for a job, but we cannot easily train them to have the right attitude. Our 10 basic principles have guided us since 1975 and continue to be the backbone of our philosophy, both as managers, as employees, as colleagues and as private individuals.


    We wish to develop people through an open and inspiring culture. The well-being of our colleagues is important to us and we try to show it every day, in every way we can. Whatever our position and job might be, we all carry the responsibility to try and set a good example and create value in the work we do. Results can only be made by people who care.


  • One World
    We build our world on fairness and opportunities. Embracing cultural differences promotes quality, extraordinary results and positive values. When meeting remoteness with closeness, we become one world.

    One Philosophy
    We make our 10 basic principles come alive by being humble and hardworking. Our co-operation is based on trust, partnership and honesty. We treat all people as individuals but think and act as a team.

    e Family
    The backbone of this company is our family feeling. We help each other and have unlimited faith in our family members. We show our identity in the good examples we set for one another. We are proud of our family Is it both our link to the past and the foundation of our future.


  • Since 1975, we have been guided by these 10 basic principles: 

    We are honest
    We are hard-working
    We are loyal
    We are business minded
    We want simple solutions



    We take nothing for granted
    We keep our promises
    We want to see results
    We want to be the best
    Together we are the best

We must always remember to make an extra effort and focus on the possibilities. It must never become just another day at the office. If we are able to do that, everything is possible.

The Nine United Family

Code of conduct - our responsibility

  • Code of conduct - our responsibility

    In Nine United, we recognize that everything we do has an impact and we each have the responsibility to contribute to a better society and environment. Our Code of Conduct gives our customers and partners insight into and guidance in our way of doing business. For our suppliers, it emphasizes the importance of conducting business ethically and in accordance with the law. The focus areas of our Code of Conduct are the working environment, social responsibility, environmentally friendly production and protection of animals. We are dedicated to working with law demands, ethical standards and international norms.

    It is of great importance that production and work in general are carried out by people who are treated with respect and work under the best possible conditions. We frequently visit our suppliers’ factories, guiding them to comply with our Code of Conduct and to make sure that they undergo constant development. Suppliers and partners who are open and honest in their work and partnership are those who we wish to develop and work even closer within the future. By conscientiously aiming to develop and create solutions that last, we show that we take our responsibility seriously by helping to ensure sustainability, as well as creating a foundation we can all be proud of.

Our company is run by the heart. All of our colleagues are treated as part of the family.

The Nine United Family


  • Join us

    At Nine United, we are always looking for ambitious people to join our team. We are especially looking for talented people within the fields of sales, procurement, bookkeeping, IT and finance. We believe in a policy of non-discrimination, and we welcome all applications regardless of gender,

    race, religion, disability, sexual orientation or age. If we do not have any open positions matching your profile, please do not hesitate to send an unsolicited application to info@nineunited.com


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